Mohamed Imran Mohamed Ariff

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This paper measures and compares the cost, revenue and profit efficiency of 43 Islamic and 37 conventional banks over the period 1990-2005 in 21 countries using Data Envelopment Analysis. It assesses the average and overtime efficiency of those banks based on their size, age, and region using static and dynamic panels. The findings suggest that there are no(More)
  • Mohamed Ariff, Syarisa Yanti Abubakar, STRENGTHENING ENTREPRENEURSHIP
  • 2003
The development of entrepreneurship, as both concept and activity, has been growing in importance in Malaysia. The perceived importance of entrepreneurship to the growth of Malaysia’s economy is evidenced by the sheer amount and variety of supporting mechanisms and policies that exist for entrepreneurs, including funding, physical infrastructure and(More)
This paper is a research in progress. Virtual teams (VTs) are increasingly common in organizations, yet explicit research on VTs’ performance is relatively rare. One of the key challenges faced by individuals in VTs is the awareness of ‘who knows what’ and ‘who does what’ in the team. One of the solutions offered by past research in overcoming these key(More)
Transactive Memory Systems (TMS) are important cognitive constructs to share knowledge and control and coordinate interdependent tasks in teams. The construction of Transactive Memory Systems involves a number of key phases that lead up to the actual formation of a team’s TMS. In particular, the development of Task-Expertise-People (TEP) units, form an(More)
In sustaining and being competitive in business area, sales and financial is one of the core sector to be managed. Future prediction of sales growth, profit-making opportunities and staff performance tracking are some of the key areas to gain competitive advantages. This study aims at producing a comprehensive sales and financial management framework to be(More)
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This paper develops a simple model that identifies a fundamental factor, term premium, which appears to proxy for economic/market conditions, and is correlated with the aggregate demand for equity capital raised in stock exchanges. Term premium over 33 years is significantly correlated with the aggregate demand: the coefficient is also stable under(More)
Task interdependence within teams is critical towards the team's performance. However, there has not been strong support in examining the effect of task interdependence on the relationship between Transactive Memory Systems (TMS) quality and team performance. Using a survey, this research examines the potential effects of the moderating and mediating(More)