Mohamed I. M. Ibrahim

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OBJECTIVES The aims of this study are to determine the prevalence, attitudes and behaviours of medication storage and self-medication amongst female students at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). METHODS A cross-sectional survey was conducted and cluster random sampling technique was used for respondent selection. A pre-piloted questionnaire was(More)
UNLABELLED Minor ailments like sore throat, fever, cough and diarrhea can be relieved with over-the-counter (OTC) medications such as paracetamol or other traditional remedies, without seeking for consultation from general practitioners. Parents usually take the responsibility to come up with some kind of treatment for their children. OBJECTIVE (1) to(More)
The current study aimed to evaluate the protective role of curcumin nanoparticles loaded hydrogels (Cur-NPs-Hgs) against AFB1-induced genotoxicity in rat liver. Animals were divided into 7 treatment groups and treated orally for 3 weeks as follow: the control group, the group treated with Hgs alone (0.5 ml/rat), the groups treated with low or high dose of(More)
UNLABELLED Analyzing the pattern and quality of scientific communications on pharmacovigilance can help the regional centers in Nepal and other developing countries to develop approaches for communicating effectively medicine safety issues. This kind of research is lacking in developing countries. OBJECTIVES To analyze the pattern and quality of(More)
UNLABELLED The pharmacovigilance program in Nepal is less than a decade old, and is hospital centered. This study highlights the findings of a community based pharmacovigilance program involving the community pharmacists. OBJECTIVES To collect the demographic details of the patients experiencing adverse drug reactions (ADR) reported by the community(More)
BACKGROUND Transition from a low-fat vegetable-rich rural diet to a high-fat Westernised diet is considered a factor in the escalating occurrence of vascular-related diseases and type 2 diabetes in urban black South Africans. Consumption of morogo is a distinguishing feature of rural African diets. OBJECTIVE To determine fatty acid profiles and folate(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate Qatari pharmacists' prescribing, labeling, dispensing and counseling practices in response to acute community-acquired gastroenteritis. METHODS The simulated patient method was used in this study. Thirty pharmacies in Doha were randomly selected and further randomized into two groups: Face-to-Face (n=15) vs. Telephone-call (n=15) per(More)
The mycoflora and mycotoxins contamination of commercial maize and rice grains collected from local markets of the major five zones of the province of Cairo, Egypt, represented by 20 different districts were studied. A total number of about 23 species belonging to 12 different genera of fungi were isolated and identified. About 70% of the samples were(More)
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