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The modern reef complex north of Jeddah comprises an offshore knoll platform and a fringing reef, subdivised into several depositional zones: tops and upper flanks of offshore reefs; lower flanks of offshore reefs and nearby inter-reef areas; fringing forereef, reef flat and backreef zones, and beach. Sixty-seven sediment samples were collected from the(More)
UNLABELLED ETHNPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: To investigate antidiabetic activity of purslane seeds on type-2 diabetic subjects and to provide scientific basis for the clinical use of Portulaca oleracea (PO). MATERIALS AND METHODS A thirty subject with type-2 diabetes divided into two groups, to receive 5 g of PO seeds twice daily while in the second group,(More)
There has been a recent revival of interest in school-based health programmes in developing countries as a means of reducing the morbidity observed in school-aged children, of improving their physical growth and cognitive development, and of controlling transmission of disease in the community at large. This study used data collected from a large(More)
This is a descriptive report of the Epidemiology 1, 2, 3 project in Egypt that made use of large probability sampling methods. These results focus on Schistosoma mansoni infection in the northern Nile Delta governorate of Kafr El Sheikh. A probability sample of 18,777 persons, representing the rural population of the entire governorate, was drawn. The(More)
INTRODUCTION PDE5 inhibitors (PDE5inhs) have proven to be of great impact in the treatment of numerous human extra-sexual diseases and their chronic use may induce endothelial rehabilitation. This study aimed to assess the effects of PDE5inhs at chronic administration to explore the possible endothelial cyto-protective and thrombo-resistance effects. (More)
Glomerular filtration rate and/or creatinine are not accurate methods for renal failure prediction. This study tested homocysteine (Hcy) as a predictive and prognostic marker for end stage renal disease (ESRD). In total, 176 subjects were recruited and divided into: healthy normal group (108 subjects); mild-to-moderate impaired renal function group (21(More)
Bad sample designs and selection bias have plagued studies on schistosomiasis, and as a result some believe that schistosomiasis is too focal, making it difficult to draw reliable samples. The Epidemiology 1, 2, 3 (EPI 1, 2, 3) sample design, although complex, demonstrates that sampling theory is readily applicable to epidemiologic studies of(More)
The effect of Phoxim (Volaton) at two dosage levels (23 and 46 mg/kg b.wt.) on male reproduction tissues and their residues in rats were studied. The tested doses were given orally to male rats for 60 consecutive days. Sex organs weight analysis, semen picture, testosterone and cholinestrase enzyme (ChE) levels, histochemistry, histopathological changes and(More)
Trichomoniasis vaginalis is one of the common parasitic infection in females. The present results showed that infertile women with T. vaginalis with or without pathogenic microorganisms have decreased C3 & C4, increased IgA level in vaginal discharge and increased serum prolactin. So. T. vaginalis is incriminated as one of the causes of their infertility.
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