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A software reconfiguration pattern is a solution to a problem in component-based software systems where the configuration needs to be updated while the system is operational. It defines how a set of components participating in a software pattern cooperate to change the configuration. This paper describes an approach for designing software reconfiguration(More)
The PerCo performance control framework is capable of managing the distributed execution of scientific coupled models using migration, for example, in response to changes in an execution environment. PerCo monitors execution times and reacts according to an adaptive performance control strategy whenever serious changes of behaviour occur. A computationally(More)
In this report we present the design of the Autonomous Transport Protocol (ATP). The basic service provided by ATP is a reliable transport connection between two endpoints (identified by content identifiers) independent of their physical location. Autonomy allows dynamic endpoints relocation on different end hosts without disrupting the transport connection(More)
Patients with hand tremors may find routine activities such as writing and holding objects affected. In response to this problem, an active control technique has been examined in order to lessen the severity of tremors. In this article, an online method of a hybrid proportional-integral control with active force control strategy for tremor attenuation is(More)