Mohamed-Hedi Karray

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Platforms expand maintenance systems from centralized systems into e-maintenance platforms integrating various cooperative distributed systems and maintenance applications. This phenomenon allowed an evolution in services offered to maintenance actors by integrating more intelligent applications, providing decision support and facilitating the access to(More)
Web service technology expands the role of the Web from a simple data carrier to a service provider. To sustain this role, some issues such as reliability continue to hurdle Web services widespread use, and thus need to be addressed. Autonomic computing seems offering solutions to the specific issue of reliability. These solutions let Web services self-heal(More)
To meet increasing needs in the field of maintenance, we studied the dynamic aspect of process and services on a maintenance platform, a major challenge in process mining and knowledge engineering. Hence, we propose a dynamic experience feedback approach to exploit maintenance process behaviors in real execution of the maintenance platform. An active(More)
Thanks to ICT, Web emergency and Internet, the achievement of maintenance services and monitoring can be performed automatically, remotely and through various distributed information systems. Hence the emergence of the concept of services offered through maintenance architectures, ranging from autonomic systems to integrated systems where knowledge(More)
Prognostics and Health Management platforms are founded on Condition Based Maintenance process. Major works on this topic are focused on the diagnostic and prognostic modules and neglect the Decision Support Module which must be investigated to give more efficiency to PHM platforms. To improve this module with intelligence and rapidity we propose in this(More)
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