Mohamed Hassan Gabr

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During a survey of demersal fishes of the southern Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia off Jizan, 98 species were collected by trawling. Five of these represent new records for the Red Sea: Saurida longimanus, Dactyloptena gilberti, Jaydia novaeguineae, Pomadasys maculatus and Parapercis maculata. Additionally a specimen of the rare moray Gymnothorax reticularis,(More)
A multi-valued information system (MIS) is a generalization of the idea of a single valued information system (SIS). In a multi-valued information system, attribute functions are allowed to map elements to sets of attribute values. In this paper, we initiated a new approach for data reduction in Generalized Multi–Valued Decision Information System (GMDIS).(More)
The current study aims to investigate the effect of fillers with different geometries and sizes on the interfacial shear properties of PA6 composites with de-sized carbon fiber. The fillers which have been investigated are namely; nano-layer silicates (nanoclay), sub-micro aluminum titanium (ALTi) particles, and multiwall carbon nanotube (MWCNT). By means(More)
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