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Graphics processing units (GPUs) have recently emerged as a promising parallel architecture considering the rapid growth of its computational power in comparison with uniprocessors. In this paper, we investigate a GPU parallel implementation of Recursive Hierarchical Segmentation technique (RHSEG). RHSEG is an object-based image analysis (OBIA) segmentation(More)
Hierarchical image segmentation is a well-known image analysis and clustering method that is used for hyperspectral image analysis. This paper introduces a parallel implementation of hybrid CPU/GPU for the Recursive Hierarchical Segmentation method (RHSEG) algorithm, in which CPU and GPU work cooperatively and seamlessly, combining benefits of both(More)
The security of database depends on a set of systems, roles, procedures, and processes that protect the entire database from unintended activities. These unintended activities can be categorized as authenticated misuse, malicious attacks or inadvertent mistakes made by authorized users. If any intruder succeeds in attacking the system network, the database(More)
Database security is considered one of the major computer science research trends because of its importance in maintaining the privacy, integrity, and confidentiality of data. Human immune system is a set of defense mechanisms that can be used to defend the body against diseases caused by pathogens. Artificial immune system is the artificial simulation of(More)
Rescue missions, military target detection, hazard prevention, and other time-critical remote-sensing applications require real-time or autonomous decision making and onboard processing capabilities. Thus, lightweight, small size, and low-power-consumption hardware is essential for onboard real-time processing systems. With the increasing need for(More)
II Acknowledgements Praise is to Allah and gratitude is given where it is due most to Allah. So with genuine humility, I acknowledge the aid of Allah. My deepest gratitude and sincerest appreciation to Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hashem Abdel-Aziz, for his continuous encouragement and enlightening advice and helpful advices, that helped me throughout this work. I(More)
The Clinical E-Science Framework (CLEF) project was used to extract important information from medical texts by building a system for the purpose of clinical research, evidence-based healthcare and genotype-meets-phenotype informatics. The system is divided into two parts, one part concerns with the identification of relationships between clinically(More)
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