Mohamed Hamidi

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The Li<sub>1.4</sub>Al<sub>0.4</sub>Ti<sub>1.6</sub>(PO<sub>4</sub>)<sub>3</sub> glass ceramic with NASICON-type phase has been prepared by acetic acid-assisted sol-gel method, where lithium acetate, aluminium nitrate, titanium oxide and ammonium dihydrogen phosphate were used as starting materials, along with ethanol as the solvent. Samples were(More)
Due to the current progress in Internet, digital contents (video, audio and images) are widely used. Distribution of multimedia contents is now faster and it allows for easy unauthorized reproduction of information. Digital watermarking came up while trying to solve this problem. Its main idea is to embed a watermark into a host digital content without(More)
A theoretical study of the formation of X-X bonds in complexes with the general formula [M(2)(mu-X)(2)L(4)] (M = group 10 and X = group 16 elements) having d(8) transition-metal atoms is presented. The existence of two energy minima for some complexes, with short and long X-X distances, is shown by density functional theory calculations, and the factors(More)
The oxidation processes undergone by the [Pt2(mu-S)2] core in [Pt2(P[intersection]P)2(mu-S)2](P[intersection]P = Ph2P(CH2)nPPh2, n= 2,3) complexes have been analysed on the basis of electrochemical measurements. The experimental results are indicative of two consecutive monoelectronic oxidations after which the [Pt2(mu-S)2] core evolves into [Pt2(mu-S2)]2+,(More)
A study of the structure, electronic, and optical properties of oligothiophenes is reported. Geometry optimizations of the ground state of derivatives of these molecules were carried out using the density functional theory (DFT) with the B3LYP functional and the 6-31G(d) basis set. Bridged oligothiophenes by C═O, C═S, and C═C(CN)(2) functional groups were(More)
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