Mohamed Hamdy

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The problem of finding groups of co-regulated genes is considered one of the major challenges in the analysis of gene expression data. Biclustering may be considered as one of the main techniques to analyze these data. Biclustering is a non-supervised technique outperforms the traditional clustering techniques because it can group both genes and conditions(More)
This paper summarizes a study that was undertaken to reveal potential challenges and opportunities for integrating optimisation tools in Net/Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) Design. The paper reviews current trends in simulation-based Building Performance Optimisation (BPO) and outlines major criteria for optimisation tools selection and evaluation. This(More)
High service availability is difficult to achieve in mobile ad hoc networks. The service distribution protocol for mobile ad hoc networks increases the mobile service availability by employing coupled replication and hibernation mechanisms. In this paper, different hibernation behaviors are studied against the general performance of this protocol,(More)
Automatic discovery and invocation of services will only be accepted in practise, if the non-functional, especially QoS, parameters are taken into consideration during matchmaking. In this paper we present how this can be achieved. As an example, we use the DIANE framework and explain how the concepts developed there can be extended to easily accommodate(More)
In this paper, we argue why service-orientation is the appropriate computing paradigm to use in mobile and wireless environments. We explain how the limitations of mobile devices can be overcome by functionality sharing via service-orientation. We identify some key areas that need to be addressed in order for this vision to become a reality. We survey(More)
In principle, service orientation is a suitable paradigm to allow for effective resource sharing in wireless ad hoc networks. However, special attention needs to be paid to ensure a high service availability since this is the basis for reliable service execution. Unfortunately, typical characteristics of ad hoc networks like everchanging topology and(More)
Mobile Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (Mobile WiMAX) is a wireless Metropolitan Area Network technology based on IEEE 802.16e standard. Mobility, security, Quality of Service (QoS), centralized scheduling and radio resources utilization are offered by connection oriented MAC layer in Mobile WiMAX. In this paper, Spare Capacity Procedure(More)