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Next Generation Networks (NGN) is the evolution of the telecommunication core. NGN is a one network that transports all information and services such as voice, data and multimedia from and to access networks. The multimedia services provided to mobile users through different access networks in this paper study refers to WLAN. The user has to execute(More)
Structured-population Genetic Algorithm (GA) usually leads to more superior performance than the panmictic genetic algorithm; since it can control two opposite processes, namely exploration and exploitation in the search space. Several spatially structured-population GAs have been introduced in the literature such as cellular, patchwork, island-model,(More)
Multi-core processor is viewed as the future production of microprocessor design. It is not only a solution for CPU speeds but also it decreases the power consumption, because many cores in a lower frequency collectively produce less heat dissipation than one core with their total frequency. From this point of view, Cloud computing will be mostly built on(More)
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