Mohamed H. H. Abbas

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The influx of arsenate, arsenite and dimethyl arsinic acid (DMA) were studied in 7-day-old excised maize roots (Zea mays L.), and then related to arsenate, arsenite and DMA toxicity. Arsenate, arsenite and DMA influx was all found concentration dependent with significant genotypic differences for arsenite and DMA. Arsenate influx in phosphate starved plants(More)
EDTA amendments are widely used for micronutrient fertilization in arid soils, besides their effectiveness in the remediation process of heavy metal from contaminated soils. However, the persistence of EDTA in arsenic contaminated soil may have further negative effects on the grown plants. To investigate the influences of EDTA on soil As, a pot experiment(More)
The main objectives of the current study were to evaluate the potential effects of biochar derived from sugar cane bagasse (SC-BC) and orange peel (OP-BC) on improving the physicochemical properties of a metal smelter contaminated soil, and determining its potentiality for stabilizing Pb and As in soil. To achieve these goals, biochar was produced in a(More)
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