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Memristive behavior has been clearly addressed through growth and shrinkage of thin filaments in metal-oxide junctions. Capacitance change has also been observed, raising the possibility of using them as memcapacitors. Therefore, this paper proves that metal-oxide junctions can behave as a memcapacitor element by analyzing its characteristics and modeling(More)
Battery powered video camera sensors are often connected wirelessly to cover a large area. We propose a multi-channel allocation and routing method for wireless mesh networks where each node generates event-driven video sensor data. How the routing and channel allocation is done has large impact on the battery life time of such networks. We realistically(More)
Behavior of metal-oxide junctions has been addressed as a memristive behavior after 2008. This behavior is not exactly matched with memristive behavior. Extension of memristive theory is needed to match device behavior. In this paper, we present a modeling technique to model these junctions and show how and why their behavior is not exactly memristive(More)
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