Mohamed Gad-el-Hak

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This brief article reviews the important advances in the field of flow control that took place during the past few years. This broad area of research remains of great interest for its numerous potential benefits for both the military and civilian sectors. Spurred by the recent developments in chaos control, microfabrication and neural networks, reactive(More)
This brief article reviews the important developments in the field of compliant coatings that took place in the past ten years. During this period progress in theoretical and computational methods somewhat outpaced that in experimental efforts. There is no doubt that compliant coatings can be designed to delay transition and to suppress noise on marine(More)
The subject of large-scale disasters is broadly introduced in this article. Both the art and science of predicting, preventing and mitigating natural and manmade disasters are discussed. A universal, quantitative metric that puts all natural and manmade disasters on a common scale is proposed. Issues of prediction, control and mitigation of catastrophes are(More)
Interest in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) has experienced explosive growth during the past few years. Such small devices typically have characteristic size ranging from 1 mm down to 1 micron, and may include sensors, actuators, motors, pumps, turbines, gears, ducts and valves. Microdevices often involve mass, momentum and energy transport. Modeling(More)
A numerical study of the three-dimensional viscous fluid flow in a novel pump/turbine device appropriate for microscale applications is performed. The device essentially consists of a rotating or free-to-rotate cylinder eccentrically placed in a channel, and is shown to be capable of generating a net flow against an externally imposed pressure gradient, or,(More)
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