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—Periodicity mining is used for predicting trends in time series data. Discovering the rate at which the time series is periodic has always been an obstacle for fully automated periodicity mining. Existing periodicity mining algorithms assume that the periodicity rate (or simply the period) is user-specified. This assumption is a considerable limitation,(More)
The mining of periodic patterns in time series databases is an interesting data mining problem that can be envisioned as a tool for forecasting and predicting the future behavior of time series data. Existing periodic patterns mining algorithms either assume that the periodic rate (or simply the period) is user-specified, or try to detect potential values(More)
Data cleaning is a vital process that ensures the quality of data stored in real-world databases. Data cleaning problems are frequently encountered in many research areas, such as knowledge discovery in databases, data ware-housing, system integration and e-services. The process of identifying the record pairs that represent the same entity (duplicate(More)
—Mining of periodic patterns in time-series databases is an interesting data mining problem. It can be envisioned as a tool for forecasting and prediction of the future behavior of time-series data. Incremental mining refers to the issue of maintaining the discovered patterns over time in the presence of more items being added into the database. Because of(More)
In an error-free system with perfectly clean data, the construction of a global view of the data consists of linking – in relational terms, joining – two or more tables on their key fields. Unfortunately, most of the time, these data are neither carefully controlled for quality nor necessarily defined commonly across different data sources. As a result, the(More)
The role of data resources in today's business environment is multi-faceted. Primarily, they support the operational needs of an organization or a company. Secondarily, they can be used for decision support and management. The quality of the data, used to support the operational needs, is usually below the quality required for decision support and(More)
Data mining is the discovery of knowledge and useful information from the large amounts of data stored in databases. The emerging data mining tools and systems lead to the demand of a powerful data mining query language. The concepts of such a language for relational databases are discussed in [11]. With the increasing popularity of object-oriented(More)