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This is a retrospective study about 49 cases of xeroderma pigmentosum (XP). The goal was to determine the clinical features of XP in Tunisia. Our study revealed the predominance of a moderate form. Malignant skin tumors showed early. Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) remainsed the most frequent skin malignancy in all clinical forms. Neurological abnormalities(More)
The authors report four cases of spinal cord compression (three at cervical level and one at dorsal level) due to vertebral osteosclerosis secondary to chronic fluoride intoxication. Roentgenograms showed typical diffuse densification of vertebral bodies, calcifications of bony insertions of many ligaments, discs and interosseous membranes. Urinary fluoride(More)
PURPOSE Cortical cerebral dysgenesis is a heterogeneous disorder of cortical development and organization. It is well known by neuropathologists and is becoming more important in the clinical setting, mainly due to MRI. Our purpose is to report the MRI features of cortical dysplasia in 30 patients and to propose a simple classification with review of the(More)
Clinical diabetic neuropathy in childhood is rare, but electrophysiological involvement of the peripheral nerve is more frequent. We assessed clinically and electrophysiologically the peripheral nervous system of 69 children and adolescents suffering from diabetes mellitus (DM). The mean age of the patients was 12.8 years and the mean age at onset of DM was(More)
We describe clinical, electrophysiological and genetic features in 44 patients with Unverricht-Lündborg disease from 19 families living in North African countries (Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco). The mean age of patients was 25.3 years; mean age was at onset 11.3 years. The disease began more frequently with seizures (91 per cent) or myoclonus (80 p. 100)(More)
Eight patients presented neurological signs secondary to Brucella infection. The clinical presentation was a meningoencephalitis in three cases, a meningoencephalomyelitis in one case, an epiduritis with spinal cord compression in one case, an acute polyradiculoneuritis in two cases and a chronic polyradiculoneuritis in one case. Acoustic nerve was impaired(More)
We report two cases of multiple sclerosis (MS) beginning in a mother and her daughter at 40 years of age. The diagnosis of MS was certain for both patients (Poser et al., 1983). Clinical features, evolution and response to treatment are comparable in both cases. Cerebral and medullar cord MRI and/or CT Scan showed characteristic lesions of demyelination on(More)
School difficulties and educational inadequacy usually correlate with the child's epilepsy. The target of our study is to discover the most precocious possible the epilepsy and to prevent educational failure in the population of children from 6 to 15 years old. We have carried out a retrospective study on 162 children of an educational age. This population(More)