Mohamed Farouk Shehata Ali

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Stream database systems are designed to support Ihe fast on-line processing that characterizes many new emergin: applications such as sensor-based environments, on-line business processing and network monitoring. Data stream processing is a highly demanding environment where streams are usually infinite. bursty. and running at high arrival rates. Due lo(More)
Th,e goal o i o.n Hippocratic DBhIS i s t o preserve the p7.ivacy of data witlj.out m,u,ch sac,rificing perform,a,n,ce. I n this paper.. we a,ddress problen?. of cle~!eloping privacypres~r..~lin.g system.^ i n t o the m o r e chollen.ging con,tezt o,f doto streonrs. W e con,trmst dato st7eo711s t o dotobases a11.d ide7l.tify tire n e w cha l l(More)
Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in business organizations aims to integrate all business units of an organization. Configuring and customizing ERP systems are the main challenges that face the implementation process. ERP systems contain many similar modules and units which can be implemented for most of the ERP systems. Software(More)
Variational inequalities are known to be a very useful tool for formulating and investigating various equilibrium problems arising in mathematical physics, economics, engineering, and operations research (Baiocchi and Capelo, 1984; Facchinei and Pang, 2003; Nagurney, 1999). However, many problems arising in applications possess a special structure of(More)
INTRODUCTION The outcome of patients in septic shock has been shown to be related to changes within the microcirculation. Modern imaging technologies are available to generate high resolution video recordings of the microcirculation in humans. However, evaluation of the microcirculation is not yet implemented in the routine clinical monitoring of critically(More)
A Feature Model (FM) is a powerful tool used to model requirements in any domain on a high abstract level. A FM is applied to model variable and common assets of Software Product Lines (SPLs). The industrial importance of a FM has been increasing rapidly in the last years. FM is built with a set of notations to maintain the relations between the modeled(More)
The current economic environment is characterized by the dependence of the organization on information technology (IT). As in, this dependence on IT has given rise to concerns about how to evaluate investment initiatives. This article focuses on the generic decision process from analysis and planning to evaluation post-implementation of IT. Similarly, it(More)
MOHAMED ALI It is shown that the classification of polynomial algebras over the mod p Steenrod algebra is an essentially different problem from the classification of polynomial algebras truncated at height greater than p over the Steenrod algebra . 0 . Introduction . Let B = Zp[y2n y2n2, . . . , y2n,] be a polynomial algebra over A(p), the mod p Steenrod(More)