Mohamed Ezzeldin

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Drop-on-Demand inkjet printing is considered one of the most promising printing technologies that offers several advantages including high speed, quiet operation and compatibility with a variety of substrates. That makes it an important manufacturing technology serving a wide variety of markets. Though the performance criteria imposed by today's(More)
The problem of robustly stabilizing a class of nonlinear systems by using an &#x2112;<inf>2</inf> state feedback based controller is proposed. A class of nonlinear systems is approximated by a Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) model. A robust stabilization technique is proposed to override the effect of approximation error between the original nonlinear system and the(More)
Inkjet is an important technology in document printing and many new industrial applications. As inkjet developments are moving towards higher productivity and quality, it is required to achieve small droplet size which is fired at a high jetting frequency. Inkjet printers are now widely used to form conductive traces for circuits, as well as color filters(More)
— A reference model tracking control technique for nonlinear systems based on the Takagi-Sugeno model is proposed. The control design synthesis is aimed to reduce the tracking error for all bounded reference inputs and disturbances and to guarantee L 2 gain performance. A nonlinear static output feedback controller is proposed to tackle this problem. Unlike(More)
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