Mohamed Essayed Bouzouraa

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in this paper we present a novel environment perception system based on an occupancy grid mapping and a multi-object tracking. The goal of such a system is to create a harmonic, consistent and complete representation of the vehicle environment as a base for future advanced driver assistance systems. In addition to a mathematical formulation of the problem(More)
This paper deals with localization of a mobile robot using received signal strength indicator (RSSI) in low power IEEE 802.15.4 conform wireless communication in an outdoor environment. Hardware modifications are derived to reduce the radio irregularity and to increase the uniqueness of the measured RSSI to distance. A novel algorithm is elaborated allowing(More)
In this paper an approach for 360 degree multi sensor fusion for static and dynamic obstacles is presented. The perception of static and dynamic obstacles is achieved by combining the advantages of model based object tracking and an occupancy map. For the model based object tracking a novel multi reference point tracking system, called best knowledge model,(More)
Future Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) require generic map based representations to process environment information measured by different sensors. In contrast to today's widespread grid based maps, such environment representations have to be a compact, scalable and easy-to-interpret. In order to fulfill these requirements, we propose a new generic(More)
In this paper a new approach for road curb detection is presented. Different segmentation and classification methods for the extraction of road curb features from a 3d point cloud derived from a laserscanner are described and compared. Further we introduce a novel grid map containing local linear descriptions of the road curbs. In each cell of the map the(More)
A road curb detection algorithm for a 3D sensor, e.g. a dense stereo camera, is presented in this paper. The road curb detection is based on a digital elevation map. Different techniques and coordinate systems for mapping the height values are compared theoretically and by simulating a different quality of ego motion data. Furthermore we introduce a new(More)
In this paper we present an approach for a central ego motion estimation with standard and near-series sensors for advanced driver assist systems. The two main contributions of this article are the provision of all variables relative to the road surface and the fusion of several sensors and perception modules providing information of ego localization. Thus(More)
This work presents a circle detection algorithm for the purpose of detecting roundabout central islands in single-layer laser scans. The algorithm is robust against measurement errors and imperfections of the central island's circular form and it can be used for laser scanners with only a few vertical layers. Main features of the algorithm are the(More)
In this work we present a model describing the geometry of a roundabout and a perception system that computes the parameters of this model relative to the ego vehicle before the ego vehicle enters the roundabout. Only a part of the model's parameters are estimated using on-board sensor observations. The complete roundabout geometry is computed by aligning a(More)
In this paper a new approach for road curb detection is presented, which is able to detect road curbs independently of their geometry and orientation in relation to the car. This approach includes a novel algorithm for curb feature detection, which combines cues for road curbs from a 3D point cloud and an intensity image, both gained from a stereo camera(More)