Mohamed Emad Mousa Rasmy

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A biometric system is basically a pattern recognition system. Biometrics based user authentication system serve as a reliable means for meeting the challenges in today's world of information and network security. It has gained enormous interest by scientists and researchers. Unimodal biometric systems that employ only a single biometric trait fails to(More)
This paper proposed the use of multimodal feature-level fusion to prove the improvement performance of multimodal authentication. Different algorithm used for features extraction, LG for extracting FKP features, LPQ for iris and Palmprint features extraction, and PCA for extracting face features. Results brought to light that the multimodal authentication(More)
A new method is presented to identify Electrocardiogram (ECG) signals for abnormal heartbeats based on Prony's modeling algorithm and neural network. Hence, the ECG signals can be written as a finite sum of exponential depending on poles. Neural network is used to identify the ECG signal from the calculated poles. Algorithm classification including a(More)
Qualitative and quantitative handling of medical images using modern information technology is advancing in an evolutionary manner. Communication and archiving of medical images, however, may be realized through entirely new concepts regarding image compression in health care infrastructure. These new concepts result from the data volume per image for a(More)
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