Mohamed El marraki

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Cloud computing is one of the new and very promising trends in the IT technology field, it is subject to a lot of research and continuous advances are made. Its main objectives are to deliver different services for users, such as infrastructure, platform or software with a reasonable and more and more decreasing cost for the clients. To achieve those goals,(More)
The Cloud computing arises as a new standard proprietor for providing services over internet. It is delivering several facilities to business managers by its agile infrastructure. Cloud architectures are gainful and capable to ensure the interactions, storage and computation within upcoming applications. This architecture can be used for business,(More)
Image watermarking is one of multiple techniques that protect digital image against malicious attacks by embedding a signature into the cover image. But despites its attractiveness, watermarking methods may encounter limitations in medical images. The added watermark signal frequently alters the host medical image in an irreversible manner and may mask(More)
The community detection in a social network has been become a key issue to discover the most important organizations in networks. Thenceforth, various approaches are proposed to resolve this inference problem. However, the applicability of these existing methods is trapped by their computational cost. In this paper, we propose a promising approach based on(More)
The enumeration of spanning trees in a finite graph is an important problem related to various domains of mathematics, physics and network reliability that has been investigated by many researchers. A network N is called a closed chain of planar networks if its modelling is defined by n planar graphs connected by articulation points. Some recent studies(More)
In a planar graph G, it is easy to find a tree that contains all the vertices and a few edges of G, such as this subgraph is called a spanning tree of G. We can also find two or three of these types of trees. The dificult question is how many spanning trees can contain this graph? In the literature, several researchers have found an answer to this question(More)
Result of the increases in the size of molecular databases, big-data becomes a very important field of research in the discovery of a new drug. To predict chemical and biological properties of novel molecules based on their structural representations, the QSAR/QSPR models have been build. The Qualitative Structure Activity (resp. property) Relationships are(More)
The theory of graphs, with its diverse applications in natural (Chemistry, Biology) and social sciences in general and in theoretical computer science in particular, is becoming an important component of the mathematics curriculum in colleges and universities all over the world. In this paper we present some theoretical results about some topological(More)
The complexity of a network is an effective tool to analyze its structure. It predicts its performance and its reliability. In this paper, we evaluate the complexity of two complex networks: The Flower network and the Mosaic network. First, we propose two combinatorial approaches: the bipartition and the reduction that facilitate the calculation of the(More)
Finding quantitative measures for describing and characterizing the structural properties of networks is a research topic with ongoing interest. These measures are called graph invariants and are usually referred to as topological indices. The oldest topological index is the Wiener index, it has been extensively studied in many applications such as chemical(More)