Mohamed El Khadiri

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In order to evaluate the capacity of a communication network architecture to resist to the possible faults of some of its components, several (un)reliability metrics are currently used. In this paper, we consider the K-terminal (un)reliability measure. The exact evaluation of this parameter is NP{hard problem. An alternative approach is to perform(More)
HÉCTOR CANCELA Universidad de la República J.Herrera y Reissig 565, Montevideo, URUGUAY MOHAMED EL KHADIRI Department Gestion Logistique & Transport, IUT of Saint-Nazaire, University of Nantes 58, rue Michel Ange, Saint-Nazaire Cedex, FRANCE LOUIS PETINGI Computer Science Department College of Staten(More)
Exact evaluation of static network reliability parameters belongs to the NP-hard family, and Monte Carlo simulation is therefore a relevant tool to provide their estimations. The first goal of this work is to review a Recursive Variance Reduction (RVR) estimator, which approaches the unreliability by recursively reducing the graph from the random choice of(More)
We consider the evaluation of the ow network reliability parameter. Because the exact evaluation of this parameter has exponential time complexity, simulation methods are used to derive an estimate. In this paper, we use the state space decomposition methodology of Doulliez and Jamoulle for constructing a new simulation method which combines the importance(More)
OBJECTIVE In 1988, the neurosurgeons and neuroradiologists at the Val-de-Grâce hospital decided to create a stereotaxis site using advanced medical imaging date (CT-scan or MRI). METHODS Two MRI machines and on CT unit were linked to a network (ETHERNET) available for radiologists in 1989. Neurosurgeons adapted stereotaxis sites using Leksell, Fisher and(More)
In this paper we consider the evaluation of the probability that a stochastic flow network allows the transmission of a given amount of flow through one path, connecting the source and the sink node, within a fixed amount of time. This problem, called the quickest path flow network reliability problem, belongs to the NP-hard family. This implies that no(More)