Mohamed El-Ghali M. Abdallah

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A q partial group is defined to be a partial group, that is, a strong semilattice of groups S = [E(S);S e ,ϕ e, f ] such that S has an identity 1 and ϕ 1,e is an epimorphism for all e ∈ E(S). Every partial group S with identity contains a unique maximal q partial group Q(S) such that (Q(S)) 1 = S 1. This Q operation is proved to commute with Cartesian(More)
A known result in groups concerning the inheritance of minimal conditions on normal subgroups by subgroups with finite indexes is extended to semilattices of groups [E(S), S e , ϕ e, f ] with identities in which all ϕ e, f are epimorphisms (called q partial groups). Formulation of this result in terms of q congruences is also obtained.
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