Mohamed El-Ghali M. Abdallah

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A new series of potent antitumor and antiviral benzofuran derivatives was synthesized by the reaction of the furochromone-6-carboxaldehydes 1 and 2 with different heterocyclic amines to yield the benzofuran-5-carbonyl derivatives 4-11. The synthesized compounds 1, 3-11 were tested against twelve different human cancer cell lines and all of the compounds(More)
A q partial group is defined to be a partial group, that is, a strong semilattice of groups S = [E(S);S e ,ϕ e, f ] such that S has an identity 1 and ϕ 1,e is an epimorphism for all e ∈ E(S). Every partial group S with identity contains a unique maximal q partial group Q(S) such that (Q(S)) 1 = S 1. This Q operation is proved to commute with Cartesian(More)
A known result in groups concerning the inheritance of minimal conditions on normal subgroups by subgroups with finite indexes is extended to semilattices of groups [E(S), S e , ϕ e, f ] with identities in which all ϕ e, f are epimorphisms (called q partial groups). Formulation of this result in terms of q congruences is also obtained.
The reaction of 5-amino-3-(arylamino)-1H-pyrazole-4-carboxamides 1a,b with acetylacetone 2 and arylidenemalononitriles 5a-c yielded the pyrazolo[1,5-a]-pyrimidine derivatives 4a,b and 7a-f respectively. On the other hand, Schiff bases 9a,b and 12a-j were obtained upon treatment of carboxamides 1a,b with isatin 8 and some selected aldehydes 11a-e. The newly(More)
A series of novel pyridine carbohydrazide derivatives were synthesized from the reaction of 2-chloro-6-hydrazino-isonicotinic acid hydrazide with selected active reagents. All prepared compounds were tested as analgesic and anticonvulsant agents. The pharmacological screening showed that many of these compounds have good activities comparable to those of(More)
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