Mohamed E. H. Mohamed

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BACKGROUND Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) activity has recently been detected in the Kordufan region of Sudan. Since 2008, several sporadic cases and nosocomial outbreaks associated with high case-fatality have been reported in villages and rural hospitals in the region. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS In the present study, we describe a cluster of cases(More)
BACKGROUND Bluetongue virus causes febrile disease in sheep and a fatal hemorrhagic infection in North American White-tailed deer. However, in cattle the disease is typically asymptomatic and no clinical overt disease is associated with bluetongue infection. Bluetongue virus activity has been detected in Khartoum, Sennar and South Darfur states of the(More)
A single-tube nested reverse transcriptase (nRT) polymerase chain reaction (nRT-PCR) was developed and evaluated for detection of palyam serogroup orbiviruses ribonucleic acid (RNA) in cell cultures and clinical samples. A pair of outer primers (pal1 and pal2), designed from genome segment three of Chuzan virus of the palyam viruses serogroup, resulted in(More)
The diagnostic potential of RT-PCR for detection of bluetongue virus (BTV) ribonucleic acid (RNA) sequence in cell culture and tissue samples from infected ruminants from United States, Sudan, South Africa and Senegal, was evaluated. The non structural protein 1 (NS1) gene of North American BTV serotype 11 was targeted for PCR amplification. The United(More)
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