Mohamed Dekhil

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With the booming of microblogs on the Web, people have begun to express their opinions on a wide variety of topics on Twitter and other similar services. Sentiment analysis on entities (e.g., products, organizations, people, etc.) in tweets (posts on Twitter) thus becomes a rapid and effective way of gauging public opinion for business marketing or social(More)
In this paper, we discuss challenges and provide solutions for capturing and maintaining accurate models of user profiles using semantic web technologies, by aggregating and sharing distributed fragments of user profile information spread over multiple services. Our framework for profile management allows for evolvable, extensible and expressive user(More)
The increasing complexity of enterprise applications, the expanding number of networked machines, and the rapid deployment of Internet-based business applications (e-commerce), emphasize the importance and value of application management. One of the main problems in current application management products is the amount of time and effort needed to install(More)
In this paper we present a framework for ubiquitous authentication using commodity mobile devices. The solution is intended to be a replacement for the proliferation of physical authentication artifacts that users typically have to carry today. We describe the authentication protocol and its prototypical implementation for a solution designed for the retail(More)
In this paper we describe an exploratory study of a mobile cosmetic advisory system that enables women to select appropriate colors of cosmetics. This system is intended for commercial use to address the problem of foundation color selection. Although women are primarily responsible for making most purchasing decisions in the US, we found very few studies(More)
The rapid proliferation of online forums has made it possible for people to share their intentions, wishes and experiences by posting comments with the aim of getting advice from other members of the forum. Extracting intentions from these comments provides valuable insight for companies who can exploit it to get a competitive edge. However, given the very(More)
The rise of Web 2.0 with its increasingly popular social sites like Twitter, Facebook, blogs and review sites has motivated people to express their opinions publicly and more frequently than ever before. This has fueled the emerging field known as sentiment analysis whose goal is to translate the vagaries of human emotion into hard data. LCI is a social(More)
In this paper we describe techniques for the discovery and construction of user profiles. Leveraging from the emergent data web, our system addresses the problem of sparseness of user profile information currently faced by both asserted and inferred profile systems. A profile mediator, that dynamically builds the most suitable user profile for a particular(More)
Sensor systems are becoming ubiquitous throughout society, yet their design, construction and operation are still more of an art than a science. In this paper, we define, develop, and apply a formal semantics for sensor systems that provides a theoretical framework for an integrated software architecture for modeling sensor-based control systems. Our goal(More)