Mohamed Chawki Batouche

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In this paper, we suggest a novel method for ECG baseline correction, exclusively based on pattern recognition tools, namely, dominant points (DPs). The DPs are computed by the Douglas-Peucker curve simplification algorithm. The so-computed DPs include peak and baseline points, the discrimination of which yields gradual piecewise linear estimation of the(More)
Previous time domain compression methods have been tackled by sequential one point at a time sub-optimal selection strategies running in approximately O(N) or all points at a time optimal strategies running in approximately O(N3) temporal complexities. Yet basically, the selected dominant points (DPs) are locally only significant in these methods, which may(More)
Biometric is a unique, measurable physiological or behavioral characteristic of a person. The biometric system is one such that can provide accurate and reliable scheme for person verification and authentication. Unimodal biometric systems have to contend with a variety of problems such as noisy data, intra-class variations, restricted degrees of freedom,(More)
Face recognition is one of the most important tasks in computer vision and biometrics where many algorithms have been developed. The Local Binary Pattern (LBP) has been proved to be effective for facial image representation and analysis, but it is too local to be robust. In this paper, we present an improved method for face recognition named Elongated(More)
The analysis of motion in image sequences is a field of research still open. The development of new methods is guided by two objectives: the first is to improve the results obtained from the qualitative point of view; the second goal is to minimize the calculation time to meet the real-time applications. Our work is based on the application of neuronal(More)
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