Mohamed Chala

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The convergence of wireless communication, mobile positioning and geographic information system (GIS) has given rise to a new class of location based applications and services, which deliver real-time information to mobile users in accordance with their current locations. The mobile applications deal with tracking and management of mobile objects, and need(More)
Anomalous interactions involving the top quark contribute to some of the most difficult observables to directly access experimentally. They can give however a sizeable correction to very precisely measured observables at the loop level. Using a model-independent effective Lagrangian approach, we present the leading indirect constraints on dimension-six(More)
This paper presents a system proposing a solution to the problem of Origin-Destination (OD) trip modelling for Multimodal Transportation Networks (MTN) using GIS tools. An efficient method for the handling of travel information within the MTN consists of dealing with an optimal multimodal routing of travellers from a point of origin to point of destination.(More)
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