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—In this paper, the design and analysis of a compact coplanar waveguide-fed ultra wideband pentagon antenna are presented. To achieve ultra wideband performance, two modifications are introduced. The first one is to remove a small fan angle on each side of the ground plan, and the second one is to modify the sharp of the patch in the width. The optimal(More)
In this paper, it is attempted to approach a fast efficient algorithm for solving the famous Hallen's and Pocklington's integral equations, regarding the current distribution on a finite-length linear thin wire antenna. Here, the conventional moment method in conjunction with wavelet basis functions was used to obtain the current distribution of the(More)
A 3.5 GHz transceiver system has been developed for triple play applications. The Rx/Tx system has been designed with 14 dB of gain and high isolation between transmission and reception ports. The antenna structure is based on two microstrip patch arrays, one of them for the transmitter mode and the other one for the receiver. Each patch is excited by a(More)
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