Mohamed Boussafir

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This work aims to highlight the relationship between primary productivity, sulphate reduction and organic carbon preservation in cyclic marine sediments from the Kimmeridge Clay Formation. A concomitant increase of the total sulphur content with the preserved organic content (TOC), shows the progressive supply of both metabolisable organic matter and(More)
Sedimentological studies including X-ray digital analyses, mineralogy, inorganic contents, and organic geochemistry on cores of laminated sediments accumulated in the oxygen minimum zone of the central Peruvian margin reveal variable oceanographic and climate conditions during the last 500 yr. Coherent upcore variations in sedimentological and geochemical(More)
Recent evidence for a Late Carboniferous hydrothermal event responsible for Au–As mineralization within the Variscan belt of the French Massif Central adds a supplementary episode to the already rather complex thermal history of this area. To better understand this history, 45 coal samples from various sites in the Massif Central were studied(More)
Lake Boqueirão is located at 5°S latitude, on the Brazilian Atlantic coast, a region where the climate is directly influenced by the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) displacements. A short (1m) core " Boqc0701 " was collected at 7.5m water depth based on a seismic survey. Granulometry, Total Organic Carbon, Organic matter Rock Eval (Hydrogen Index(More)
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