Mohamed Boukhicha

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Micro-engineering is increasingly interested in the use of thin films with thicknesses of less than 20nm. Before integrating these promising materials into complex Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (NEMS), their properties must be characterized. They must be transferred onto specific substrates for analysis. Current manipulation techniques are not suitable(More)
Anodic bonding of nanolayers is an easy technique based on a simple apparatus, which has already proven successful in application in the fabrication of high quality graphene. Here we demonstrate its extension to the fabrication of high quality nanolayers from several layered materials. The strengths of this technique are its high throughput rate and ease of(More)
Two-dimensional semiconductors are increasingly relevant for emergent applications and devices, notably for hybrid heterostructures with graphene. We fabricate few-layer, large-area (a few tens of microns across) samples of the III-VI semiconductors GaS, GaSe and InSe using the anodic bonding method and characterize them by simultaneous use of optical(More)
The paradigm of graphene transistors is based on the gate modulation of the channel carrier density by means of a local channel gate. This standard architecture is subject to the scaling limit of the channel length and further restrictions due to access and contact resistances impeding the device performance. We propose a novel design, overcoming these(More)
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