Mohamed Bouhdadi

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This paper studies the specification and the execution of behavioral concepts for Open Distributed Processing (ODP) Enterprise Language. The behavior of an ODP system is determined by the collection of all possible actions in which the system (acting as an object), or any of its constituent objects, might take part, together with a set of constraints on(More)
The ODP enterprise viewpoint focuses on the roles and policies on the enterprise that the system is meant to support. QoS-ODP management is now an important research topic for many universities, institutes and industrial organizations. Several approaches are being used in the field of the formalization of QoS-ODP. The use of formal methods in the design(More)
The Andrew Secure RPC (ASRPC) is a protocol that allows two entities, already shared a secret key, to establish a new cryptographic key. It must guarantee the authenticity of the new sharing session key in every session. Since the original protocol, several revised versions have been made in order to make the protocol more secure. In this paper we present a(More)
of five viewpoints. However, RM-ODP is a meta-norm, and several ODP standards have to be defined. Indeed, the viewpoint languages are abstract in sense that they define what concepts should be supported and not how these concepts should be represented using the UML/OCL meta-modeling approach. In this paper, we report on the definition and address of the(More)
The sliding window protocol (SWP) is a useful protocol in network communications. It can ensure a correct data transfer over unreliable channels where frames may be duplicated, lost, or re-ordered. This paper presents an incremental formal modeling of the SWP using Event-B method. We model the protocol step by step by using refinement, a technique of(More)
FIFO channel languages of communicating finite state machines are useful for protocol verification. The reachability set is the set of all reachable states and it's the purpose of reachability analysis. Computing this set is not reasonable especially if it's infinite. Context free grammars are defined for languages for FIFO channel systems. A grammar 'like'(More)