Mohamed Benmohamed

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3 Abstract Nowadays, multimedia and real-time applications consume much network resources and so, need high flow rates and very small transfer delay. The current ad hoc networks (MANETs), in their original state, are not able to satisfy the requirements of quality of service (QoS). Researches for improving QoS in these networks are main topics and a subject(More)
In this paper we investigate the watermarking authentication when applied to medical imagery field. We first give an overview of watermarking technology by paying attention to fragile watermarking since it is the usual scheme for authentication. We then analyze the requirements for image authentication and integrity in medical imagery, and we show finally(More)
Multi-agent systems are increasingly complex, and the problem of their verification and validation is acquiring increasing importance. In this paper we show how a well known and effective verification technique , model checking, can be generalized to deal with multi-agent systems. This paper explores a particular type of multi-agent system, in which each(More)
AbstrAct This chapter discusses an approach for both authentication of medical images and confidentiality for the related textual data in an online medical application paradigm. The image authentication is achieved in a soft manner through a feature-based digital signature while the confidentiality of the related patient information is achieved through(More)
Evolutionary Electronics (EE) is a research area which involves application of Evolutionary Computation in the domain of electronics. EE algorithms are generally able to find good solutions to rather small problems in a reasonable amount of time, but the need for solving more and more complex problems increases the time required to find adequate solutions.(More)