Mohamed Ben Ammar

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Affective Computing is a new Artificial Intelligence area that deals with the possibility of making computers able to recognize human emotions in different ways. This paper represents a study about the integration of this new area in the intelligent tutoring system. We argue that socially appropriate affective behaviors would provide a new dimension for(More)
Recent research results indicate that cognitive processes are related to emotions. Since emotions are omnipresent in any kind of interaction it can be advantageous to take them into account, particularly in the context of e-learning. Emotions are now seen as closely related to cognition processes including decision-making, memory, attention, etc. Thus,(More)
Our works deals with the problem of Information Retrieval System (IRS) that integrates the human behaviour. This system must be able to recognize the degree of satisfaction of the user of the result found through its facial expression, its physiological state, its gestures and its voice. For this, we propose in this paper an algorithm for recognizing the(More)