Mohamed Ben Ammar

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Affective Computing is a new Artificial Intelligence area that deals with the possibility of making computers able to recognize human emotions in different ways. This paper represents a study about the integration of this new area in the intelligent tutoring system. We argue that socially appropriate affective behaviors would provide a new dimension for(More)
1350004-1 The recent years have been marked by a rapid growth in the World Wide Web 2.0 applications such as blog posts, forums, mailing lists, and product-review websites. As a result, a special sentiment analysis field has sprung up relevant to the issue of people’s responses to the diversity of available subjects. Hence, one might well wonder: how do(More)
With the growth of the Web2.0, e-commerce has become very popular in use, many websites offer the opportunity to make sales online and give the opportunity to get own an online review about objects, persons, and products. New opportunities and challenges arise as people can now actively use information technologies to seek and understand other people's(More)