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To study manifolds with negative curvature, Bishop and O’Neill introduced the notion of warped product as a generalization of Riemannian product [1]. In 1985, using the warped product, Oubiña showed that there is a one-to-one correspondence between Sasakian and Kählerian structures [14]. Recently, building on the work of Tanno [16] (the homothetic(More)
Pseudo-parallel (shortly PP) submanifolds are defined as a generalization of semi-parallel (shortly SP) submanifolds and as extrinsic analogue of pseudo-symmetric (shortly PS) manifolds (in the sense of R. Deszcz) [1], [26]. Asperti et al [1] obtained a description of PP hypersurfaces in space form as quasi-umbilic hypersurfaces or cyclids of Dupin and(More)
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