Mohamed Belkacemi

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This paper presents solution of optimal power flow problem of large distribution systems via a simple genetic algorithm. The objective is to minimize the fuel cost and keep the power outputs of generators, bus voltages, shunt capacitors/reactors and transformers tap-setting in their secure limits. CPU times can be reduced by decomposing the optimization(More)
Les réseaux électriques sont souvent sujets à des perturbations pouvant entraı̂ner des déclenchements intempestifs de ses constituants (générateurs, récepteurs, éléments de stockage, éléments de réglage). Ces perturbations affectent la perte de la stabilité du système et provoquent un déséquilibre important entre la production et la consommation de(More)
We evaluated the effect of niclosamide treatment and the additional cleaning of basins and pools on the density and infection rate of Bulinus truncatus within the irrigation network of Oudaya. The period prior to molluscicide treatment (January-May) revealed a mean density of 151 snails/m2 in 1995-96 and 127 snails/m2 in 1997-98. After cleaning had started,(More)
In this paper, a new approach to computing the deviation of wood grain is proposed. To do this, the thermal conduction properties of timber are used (higher conduction in the fiber direction). Exciting the surface of the wood with a laser and capturing the thermal conduction using a thermal camera, an ellipse can be observed. Using a method similar to the(More)
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