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With the rapid and the fast development of artificial intelligence technology, intelligent tutoring Systems (ITSs) are becoming one of the most important area of research and development. Intelligent tutoring Systems have very good impact for making computer-based instruction more adaptive and interactive. Intelligent tutoring Systems are becoming important(More)
In this paper, a new representation of the protein structure is proposed which facilitates the comparison between protein 3D structures. A representation is proposed based on the orientation of Secondary Structure Elements (SSE's) of the protein and their axes and inter-direction. The proposed algorithm, Relative Orientation of Secondary Structure (ROSS) is(More)
Structured-population Genetic Algorithm (GA) usually leads to more superior performance than the panmictic genetic algorithm; since it can control two opposite processes, namely exploration and exploitation in the search space. Several spatially structured-population GAs have been introduced in the literature such as cellular, patchwork, island-model,(More)
Digital watermarking is hiding the information inside a digital media. Its widely used in copyright protection of digital images. This paper presents a comparative study of digital watermarking techniques in frequency domain and explores the role of Discrete cosine transform DCT, Discrete wavelet transform DWT and Contourlet transform CT in generating(More)