Mohamed Aymen Saied

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—Software developers need to cope with complexity of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of external libraries or frameworks. However, typical APIs provide several thousands of methods to their client programs, and such large APIs are difficult to learn and use. An API method is generally used within client programs along with other methods of the API(More)
Learning to use existing or new software libraries is a difficult task for software developers, which would impede their productivity. Much existing work has provided different techniques to mine API usage patterns from client programs in order to help developers on understanding and using existing libraries. However, considering only client programs to(More)
Software evolution history is usually represented at fine granularity by commits in software repositories, and at coarse granularity by software releases. In order to gain insights on development activities and on software evolution, the information on releases is too general, whereas the information on commits is prohibitively large to be efficiently(More)
—Modern software systems are increasingly dependent on third-party libraries. It is widely recognized that using mature and well-tested third-party libraries can improve devel-opers' productivity, reduce time-to-market, and produce more reliable software. Today's open-source repositories provide a wide range of libraries that can be freely downloaded and(More)