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Let f := p/q ∈ K(x) be a rational function in one variable. By Lüroth's theorem, the collection of intermediate fields K(f) L K(x) is in bijection with inequivalent proper decompositions f = g • h, with g, h ∈ K(x) of degrees ≥ 2. In (Alonso, Gutierrez & Recio 1995) an algorithm is presented to calculate such a function decomposition. In this paper we(More)
To determine if the previously reported limitation of i.v. lidocaine in facilitating recovery from cerebral ischemia was related to an effect on ischemic depolarization, we recorded cortical DC potential, electrocorticogram (ECoG) or EEG, and evoked potentials in rabbits subjected to either 3 or 5 min of complete ischemia. Three control animals undergoing 3(More)
Let A be a finite union of disjoint sets of consecutive integers and let n be a positive integer. We give a formula for the number of relatively prime subsets (resp., 1 relatively prime subsets of cardinality k) of A, which generalizes results of Nathanson, El Bachraoui and others. We give as well similar formulas for the number of subsets with gcd coprime(More)
This work was designated to monitor the coagulation abnormalities associated with the gradual progression of liver diseases. The study included fifty patients; forty were diagnosed with liver cirrhosis with different stages categorized according to the Childs-Pugh classification and another ten patients were diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).(More)
PURPOSE Our objective was to anatomically define the anastomoses between cervical and carotid arterial distributions (the carrefour) in the rabbit and to assess the contribution of these collaterals to cortical blood flow (CBF) during cerebral ischemia. METHODS Angiography was carried out in six rabbits with basilar artery occlusion using selective(More)
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