Mohamed Ayad

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Rwanda still faces major hurdles in its effort to achieve universal access to health care for all. Even though there is an improvement in overall population health status and community-based funding of insurance coverage, a large percentage of women still deliver their babies at home assisted by unskilled birth attendants or unassisted. This paper examines(More)
BACKGROUND The expansion of store-and-forward teledermatology into underserved regions of the world has long been hampered by the requirement for computers with Internet connectivity. To our knowledge, this study is one of the first to demonstrate the feasibility of teledermatology using newer-generation mobile telephones with specialized software and(More)
To determine if the previously reported limitation of i.v. lidocaine in facilitating recovery from cerebral ischemia was related to an effect on ischemic depolarization, we recorded cortical DC potential, electrocorticogram (ECoG) or EEG, and evoked potentials in rabbits subjected to either 3 or 5 min of complete ischemia. Three control animals undergoing 3(More)
Let f := p/q ∈ K(x) be a rational function in one variable. By Lüroth’s theorem, the collection of intermediate fields K(f) ( L ( K(x) is in bijection with inequivalent proper decompositions f = g ◦ h, with g, h ∈ K(x) of degrees ≥ 2. In (Alonso, Gutierrez & Recio 1995) an algorithm is presented to calculate such a function decomposition. In this paper we(More)
Renal haemodynamics and natriuresis were studied before and 6 h after oral intake of perindopril (8 mg) in eight hypertensive patients without renal failure. The patients were then treated with perindopril (8 mg per day) and renal haemodynamics were measured on the fifth day, 6 h after the morning intake. Sodium intake was controlled during the study (100(More)
PURPOSE Our objective was to anatomically define the anastomoses between cervical and carotid arterial distributions (the carrefour) in the rabbit and to assess the contribution of these collaterals to cortical blood flow (CBF) during cerebral ischemia. METHODS Angiography was carried out in six rabbits with basilar artery occlusion using selective(More)
In this short note, we give an affirmative answer to a question of Ayad from [1]. 1. Main result In [1], Mohamed Ayad asked to prove that there does not exist an odd prime p and two positive divisors d1 and d2 of (p2 +1)/2 such that d1 +d2 = p+ 1. In this note, we prove a bit more, namely: Theorem 1.1. There does not exist an odd integer n > 1 and two(More)