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In this paper, we introduce the use of adaptive controllers into software-defined networking (SDN) and propose the use of adaptive consistency models in the context of distributed SDN controllers. These adaptive controllers can tune their own configurations in real-time in order to enhance the performance of the applications running on top of them. We(More)
The accuracy of the simulation results which are calculated from the current network simulators is suspicious when compared to real network's test-bed. Thus there is a great need to a low cost solution that gives accurate results and takes into consideration the special needs of wireless sensor networks. In this paper, we try to overcome the limitations of(More)
Increasing amount of image data raises the importance of content based query systems. Increasing hardware capacity and improving methods makes development of such systems more feasible. In this study, we aim to develop a content based image retrieval for renal (kidney) scintigraphy images. For this purpose, problem analysis, literature survey, data(More)
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