Mohamed Arshad

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Treatment planning poses difficulties in edentulous patients for orthognathic surgery prediction and fixation.Treatment of severe class III malocclusion frequently requires orthognathic surgical procedures. For such patients, orthognathic surgery would be the only option before prosthetic rehabilitation.This clinical report describes step-by-step(More)
OBJECTIVE Accurate prediction of the surgical outcome is important in treating dentofacial deformities. Visualized treatment objectives usually involve manual surgical simulation based on tracing of cephalometric radiographs. Recent technical advancements have led to the use of computer assisted imaging systems in treatment planning for orthognathic(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare and quantify the presence of periodontal pathogens Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans (Aac) and Porphyromonas gingivalis (Pg) in Down's syndrome (DS) and systemically healthy subjects with periodontitis and gingivitis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifty-nine age-matched subjects were categorized into four groups; Group I: DS subjects(More)
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