Mohamed Aoun

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Fractional differentiation systems are characterized by the presence of non-exponential aperiodic multimodes. Although rational orthogonal bases can be used to model any L2[0,∞[ system, they fail to quickly capture the aperiodic multimode behavior with a limited number of terms. Hence, fractional orthogonal bases are expected to better approximate(More)
This paper deals with fractional closed-loop system identification using the indirect approach. Firstly, all differentiation orders are supposed known and only the coefficients of the closed-loop fractional transfer function are estimated using two methods based on least squares techniques. Then, the fractional open-loop process is determined by the(More)
A global optimization technique for identifying an output-error fractional order model is proposed. The proposed technique use a modified version of Hansen algorithm. It is capable of estimating the fractional orders and the parameters, with guaranteed convergence. The technique is applied to identify a fractional order system in deterministic and(More)
This paper presents a new design method of a fractional order PI (FO-PI) for time delay systems based on the min-max numerical optimization. The proposed method uses a constrained optimization algorithm to determine the unknown parameters of the controller and has an objective to improve the transient response, stability margin, stability robustness and(More)
This paper deals with continuous-time fractional closed-loop system identification in a noisy output context. A bias correction method called the bias-eliminated least squares is extended for indirect approach identification of closed-loop system with fractional models. This method is based on the least squares method combined with the state variable filter(More)