Mohamed Aoun

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The paper deals with fractional residual evaluation. Three methods to evaluate fractional residuals generated by dynamic parity space method are presented. They are based on the fractional derivative approximations: the Grunwald, the pole-zero and the Diethelm approximations. They are compared in order to select the best method in terms of precision and(More)
This paper focuses on the design of decentralized state observers based on optimal guaranteed cost control for a class of systems which are composed of linear subsystems coupled by non-linear time-varying interconnections. One of the main contributions lies in the use of the differential mean value theorem (DMVT) to simplify the design of estimation and(More)
— This paper deals with interval observers design for two-time singularly perturbed systems. The full-order system is firstly decoupled into slow and fast subsystems. Then, using the cooperativity theory, an interval observer is designed for the slow subsystem assuming that the singular perturbed parameter is uncertain. This decoupling leads to two(More)