Mohamed Amine Larhmam

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Accurate vertebra detection and segmentation are essential steps for automating the diagnosis of spinal disorders. This study is dedicated to vertebra alignment measurement, the first step in a computer-aided diagnosis tool for cervical spine trauma. Automated vertebral segment alignment determination is a challenging task due to low contrast imaging and(More)
Vertebra detection presents the first step of any automatic spinal column diagnosis. This task becomes more difficult in the case of the cervical X-ray images characterized by their low contrasts and noise due to skull bones. In this paper, we describe an efficient modified template matching method for detecting cervical vertebrae using Generalized Hough(More)
Accurate Vertebra localization presents an essential step for automating the diagnosis of many spinal disorders. In case of MR images of lumbar spine, this task becomes more challenging due to vertebra complex shape and high variation of soft tissue. In this paper, we propose an efficient framework for spine curve extraction and vertebra localization in(More)
Purpose Bone metastasis represents a frequent complication in case of systemic cancer [1]. They cause lesions inside the bones. Patient with spine metastasis can experience continuous pain and risk of breaking bones. Indeed, a rapid diagnosis of this abnormality presents an important step to stop their development. This study is dedicated to design a(More)
During last years, images and videos have become widely used in many daily applications. Indeed, they can come from cameras, smartphones, social networks of from medical devices. Generally, these images and videos are used for illustrating people or objects (cars, trains, planes, etc.) in many situations such as airports, train stations, public areas, sport(More)
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