Mohamed Amine Chikh

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This study investigates the effectiveness of a genetic algorithm (GA) evolved neural network (NN) classifier and its application to the classification of premature ventricular contraction (PVC) beats. As there is no standard procedure to determine the network structure for complicated cases, generally the design of the NN would be dependent on the user's(More)
Diabetes is a type of disease in which the body fails to regulate the amount of glucose necessary for the body. It does not allow the body to produce or properly use insulin. Diabetes has widespread fallout, with a large people affected by it in world. In this paper; we demonstrate that a fuzzy c-means-neuro-fuzzy rule-based classifier of diabetes disease(More)
In computer aided medical system, many practical classification applications are confronted to the massive multiplication of collection and storage of data, this is especially the case in areas such as the prediction of medical test efficiency, the classification of tumors and the detection of cancers. Data with known class labels (labeled data) can be(More)
This paper tests a novel improvement in neural network training by implementing Metaplasticity Multilayer Perceptron for cardiac arrhythmias classification. The proposed training algorithm is inspired by the biological metaplasticity property of neurons.The plasticity property of synaptic connections in the brain is modeled in many Artificial Neural(More)
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