Mohamed Ali Al-Ghamdi

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Infantile systemic hyalinosis (ISH) is a rare multisystem fatal autosomal recessive disorder that involves widespread deposition of hyaline on connective tissues and certain internal organs. The major manifestations include painful articular contractures, hyperpigmentation, subcutaneous nodules, gingival hypertrophy, failure to thrive secondary to(More)
When possible, data on systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, diagnosis of hypertension, treatment of hypertension, diagnosis of diabetes, fasting glucose levels, creatinine levels, total cholesterol level, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels were obtained. BSA was calculated using the Mosteller formula. Body mass(More)
A previously developed electron cascade model is modified and applied to investigate the breakdown threshold for plasma formation and propagation in the focal volume . The study is devoted to investigate the measurement that carried out on the breakdown of argon over a pressure range 0.013-1.00 atm (10 -760 torr) induced by 532 nm of Nd:YAG laser with pulse(More)
In 2004, a revised action plan was developed, supported by the World Health Organization, to eliminate malaria from Saudi Arabia by preventing re-introduction of malaria into regions since declared malaria free, eliminating foci of transmission in the Mecca and Medina areas and a concerted effort of foci surveillance and control, to eliminate malaria from(More)
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