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Occipitalization of the atlas is an important congenital malformation of the craniovertebral region because of the proximity to the spinomedullary region. In a sample of 109 human adult skulls of Asian origin examined for evidence of atlanto-occipital fusion, only one specimen exhibited this type of anomaly, in which the atlas was totally synostosed with(More)
Oxygen therapy is an important powerful tool in the management of critically ill patients; however, it carries the hazards of pulmonary toxicity if not properly monitored. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of acute and subacute exposure to normobaric hyperphysiologic concentrations of oxygen (O2) on the alveolar structure of rat lung.(More)
OBJECTIVE The present work was planned to report the incidence of calcification and ossification of an isolated cranial dural fold. The form, degree of severity and range of extension of such changes will be described. Involvement of the neighboring brain tissue and blood vessels, whether meningeal or cerebral, will also be determined. The results of this(More)
Objective: The present study was undertaken to show the potential nephrotoxicity of tobramycin, given in two different dosage regimens, on the proximal convoluted tubules by using the light and transmission electron microscopic techniques. Materials and Methods: Thirty-five rats were divided into three groups: Group I served as control, Group II received(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the teratogenic effect of either alcohol alone, cocaine alone, or a combination of both alcohol and cocaine on mice foetuses. DESIGN Eighty pregnant mice were divided into four equal groups. In the first (alcohol) group, the pregnant females were given absolute ethanol at 2.5 gm/100 gm twice daily by oro-gastric incubation. In the(More)
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