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In this note, we study a general version of a problem posed by Feng Qi in [10] in the context of a measured space endowed with a positive finite measure. For other studies and results, one can consult the pa-Our basic tool is the classical Hölder inequality. By the convexity method (see [3]) we give an interpretation of the lower bound occuring in our main(More)
In this note, we establish some integral inequalities by using elementary methods for certain classes of functions defined on finite intervals of the real line. Our results have some relationships with certain integral inequalities obtained by Feng Qi. Resumen En esta nota se establecen algunas desigualdades integrales usando métodos elementales para(More)
In this paper, we give a formula for the distribution of the sum of n independent random variables with gamma distributions. A formula for such a sum was provided by Mathai (see [5]) in 1982. But it was complicated. In the paper [1], Jasiulewicz and Kordecki derived a formula for the particular case of independent random variables having Erlang(More)
Aproximaciones de Puntos Fijos para Aplicaciones en la Clase A(T,α) Abstract Let (M, d) be a complete metric space, let 0 ≤ α < 1, and let S, T be two selfmappings of M. Supposing that S belongs to the class A(T, α) (i.e. condition (A) below is satisfied) we prove in Theorem 1.1 that S and T have a unique common fixed point. Although we do not use any(More)
In 2006, I. Beg and M. Abbas have studied the existence of coincidence and common fixed points for two mappings satisfying a weak contractive condition. Their results were extended in 2008 by A. Azam and M. Shakeel to the case of three mappings. Recently M. Abbas and D. Dori´c employed the con-tractive conditions introduced in [Q. Zhang and Y. Song, Fixed(More)
In this paper we prove some coincidence theorems for two hybrid pairs satisfying an implicit contractive condition in a metric space which is not necessarily compact and for (possibly) non continuous mappings. The class of implicit relations used here is different from the one considered in [9]. Our work provides generalizations of the main results of [2],(More)