Mohamed Ahmed Nacer

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This paper presents the role and the evolution of Software Engineering Environment(SEE) and Computer Aided Software Engineering Environments (CASE Environments) in large software development and maintenance. We emphasize the drawbacks of the current state of the art, advocating improved structural and behavioral modeling and the introduction of team support(More)
Output multi-modal human-machine interfaces combine semantically output medias and modalities in order to increase interaction machine capabilities. The aim of this paper is to present a formal model supporting formal specifications of output multi-modal interactive systems. As a consequence, the expected usability and robustness properties can be expressed(More)
This paper deals with reusing of software process models. Based on the insufficiencies of existing software process reusing approaches (limited reusability of the software process components), we propose a new approach that promotes a large reuse of existing proven software process models even not oriented components. Our approach is based on two steps: we(More)
As more web services can be used over the Internet, the need to find and combine dynamically efficient services to fulfill a given goal becomes an important and challenging task. To this end, we are interested particularly in dynamic approaches for web service composition. In contrast to the static ones, a composition of services is called dynamic if(More)
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