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In future Internet research, content centric networking (CCN) is a new promising approach. CCNx has been introduced recently as an open source protocol suite for CCN and implementation base for practical research. In wireless sensor networks (WSNs) research, data or content centric approaches like in-network processing and data aggregation are important.(More)
Named Data Networking (NDN) is a promising Information-Centric future Internet architecture. Besides its recognized potentialities as a content retrieval solution in wired domains, NDN has been also recently considered as an enabling technology for the Internet of Things (IoT), thanks to its innovative features like named-based routing and in-network(More)
In the past various protocols inspired by nature and biology have been proposed to disseminate or transfer data in mobile or static ad-hoc networks. Many of them are designed for usage in wireless sensor networks or vehicular ad-hoc networks. Recently, we have developed and designed a general purpose data dissemination protocol called AutoCast in this field(More)
Embedded devices connected to the Internet will start an increasing growth of the Internet in near future. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) will play a major role in that growth. In the past several solutions were proposed to make sensor network sip capable. Today there are IPv6-Stacks available including web servers running on sensor nodes. However, a(More)
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