Mohamed Ahmed Abou-Khousa

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The Space Shuttle Columbia's catastrophic accident emphasizes the growing need for developing and applying effective, robust and life-cycle oriented nondestructive testing (NDT) methods for inspecting the shuttle external fuel tank spray on foam insulation (SOFI). Millimeter wave NDT techniques were one of the methods chosen for evaluating their potential(More)
basic computational cost of GPR is O(n 3) [12], due to the fact that an n 2 n matrix needs to be inverted for both the gradient calculations required for hyperparameter optimization [12, eq. (5.9)]; and inference (13). This computational expense may become prohibitive for large n. In contrast, even though hyperparameter optimization under BSVR likewise(More)
—Portable, accurate, and relatively inexpensive high-frequency vector network analyzers (VNAs) have great utility for a wide range of applications, encompassing microwave circuit characterization, reflectometry, imaging, material characterization , and nondestructive testing to name a few. To meet the rising demand for VNAs possessing the aforementioned(More)
—Near-field millimeter-wave techniques have effectively been used for nondestructive testing (NDT) and imaging applications for over a decade. The interaction of the fields and a structure under test (SUT) in the near field of a probe is more complex than that of the far-field interaction. In the near field, the distance between the probe and the SUT, which(More)
In near-field microwave nondestructive testing, images of concealed targets are typically captured using scanning probes with small footprint, e.g., open-ended waveguides. Using such imaging probes, it is of great interest to detect and resolve closely-spaced targets, i.e., targets that are less than half of a footprint apart. This paper is focused on(More)
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