Mohamed Ahmed Abou-Khousa

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—Portable, accurate, and relatively inexpensive high-frequency vector network analyzers (VNAs) have great utility for a wide range of applications, encompassing microwave circuit characterization, reflectometry, imaging, material characterization , and nondestructive testing to name a few. To meet the rising demand for VNAs possessing the aforementioned(More)
basic computational cost of GPR is O(n 3) [12], due to the fact that an n 2 n matrix needs to be inverted for both the gradient calculations required for hyperparameter optimization [12, eq. (5.9)]; and inference (13). This computational expense may become prohibitive for large n. In contrast, even though hyperparameter optimization under BSVR likewise(More)
—Near-field millimeter-wave techniques have effectively been used for nondestructive testing (NDT) and imaging applications for over a decade. The interaction of the fields and a structure under test (SUT) in the near field of a probe is more complex than that of the far-field interaction. In the near field, the distance between the probe and the SUT, which(More)
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