Mohamed Ahmed Abou-Khousa

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Near-field millimeter-wave techniques have effectively been used for nondestructive testing (NDT) and imaging applications for over a decade. The interaction of the fields and a structure under test (SUT) in the near field of a probe is more complex than that of the far-field interaction. In the near field, the distance between the probe and the SUT, which(More)
Portable, accurate, and relatively inexpensive highfrequency vector network analyzers (VNAs) have great utility for a wide range of applications, encompassing microwave circuit characterization, reflectometry, imaging, material characterization, and nondestructive testing to name a few. To meet the rising demand for VNAs possessing the aforementioned(More)
Near-field microwave NDE systems utilizing open-ended rectangular waveguides constitute a competent candidate to detect and evaluate planner rust layers under paint coatings. Basically, the waveguide illuminates the specimen with microwave signals and monitors the reflected waves. Minute variations in the structure reflect in measurable variation in the(More)
Ultra-high field MRI has many advantages such as increasing spatial resolution and exploiting contrast never before seen in-vivo. This contrast has been shown to be beneficial for many applications such as monitoring early and late effect to radiation therapy and transient changes during disease to name a few. However, at higher field strengths the RF wave,(More)
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