Mohamed Ahmed Abdel-Wahab

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In two short surveys of lignicolous, fruitbody-forming ascomycetes in Thailand and southern China, six species were found, of which five were new to science. Two fungi with affinity to the Dothideomycetes, one from Thailand and one from China, are described here in the new genus Aliquandostipite and included in the new family Aliquandostipitaceae.(More)
This paper is a compilation of notes on 142 fungal taxa, including five new families, 20 new genera, and 100 new species, representing a wide taxonomic and geographic range. The new families, Ascocylindricaceae, Caryosporaceae and Wicklowiaceae (Ascomycota) are introduced based on their distinct lineages and unique morphology. The new Dothideomycete genera(More)
This paper is a compilation of notes on 110 fungal taxa, including one new family, 10 new genera, and 76 new species, representing a wide taxonomic and geographic range. The new family, Paradictyoarthriniaceae is introduced based on its distinct lineage in Dothideomycetes and its unique morphology. The family is sister to Biatriosporaceae and(More)
Sordariomycetes is one of the largest classes of Ascomycota and is characterised by perithecial ascomata and inoperculate unitunicate asci. The class includes many important plant pathogens, as well as endophytes, saprobes, epiphytes, and fungicolous, lichenized or lichenicolous taxa. The class includes freshwater, marine and terrestrial taxa and has a(More)
This paper lists the accepted names and classification of marine fungi, updating the scheme presented in 2009. The classification includes 1,112 species (in 472 genera): Ascomycota 805 (in 352 genera), Basidiomycota 21 species (in 17 genera), Chytridiomycota and related phyla 26 species (in 13 genera), Zygomycota three (in two genera), Blastocladiomycota(More)
The motile cells of chytrids were once believed to be relics from the time before the colonization of land by fungi. However, the majority of chytrids had not been found in marine but freshwater environments. We investigated fungal diversity by a fungal-specific PCR-based analysis of environmental DNA in deep-sea methane cold-seep sediments, identifying a(More)
Notes on 113 fungal taxa are compiled in this paper, including 11 new genera, 89 new species, one new subspecies, three new combinations and seven reference specimens. A wide geographic and taxonomic range of fungal taxa are detailed. In the Ascomycota the new genera Angustospora (Testudinaceae), Camporesia (Xylariaceae), Clematidis, Crassiparies(More)
This is a continuity of a series of taxonomic papers where materials are examined, described and novel combinations are proposed where necessary to improve our traditional species concepts and provide updates on their classification. In addition to extensive morphological descriptions and appropriate asexual and sexual connections, DNA sequence data are(More)
In this paper, a new wavelet-based copyright proving scheme is proposed. The original image is not required for watermark verification. Moreover, the proposed scheme does not introduce any visual quality degradation into the original image; however, a feature is extracted from the original image and mixed with the watermark to generate a secret key. This(More)
Four new helicoid anamorphic fungi collected from marine habitats in Egypt and Japan are described. Three marine and one terrestrial Cirrenalia species along with two Cumulospora species and the four new fungi were sequenced for LSU and SSU rDNA. Phylogenetic analyses of the generated sequences, along with those from GenBank, confirmed the polyphyly of the(More)